Fashion merchandising bachelor's degree holder that decided corporate wasn't for her. Fashion styling and designing is the passion and outcome.


Delroy Lindo
Josh Lucas
Ellen Burstyn
Giancarlo Esposito
Michael Douglas
Mary-Louise Parker
Susan Sarandon
Kenny Mohammed
Star Jones
Julisa Bermudez
Cast of Degrassi
Kool Dj Red Alert
Kasi (Hip Hop Project)
Nick Cannon

Photographers/ Directors:

Norman Buckly
Terry Tsolis
Tim Robbins
Eric Adolfsen
Mario Stipinovich
Mike Calvert
Femi Agbayewa
David Rogers
Lauren Beck
Ryle Watson
David Levin
Keith Majors
Ellesser Galleta
Enrique Church
Brian Koppelman
Sean Siegel
Edwin Tse
Leah Brizard
Yohko Shirashi
Matthew Sprout
Kwesi Abbensetts

Fashion Shows:

Macy's Swimwear Preview May 22, 2010
Express 30th Bday Bash! May 20, 2010
Ports 1961 Fall/ Winter 2010 – Dresser
Thom Browne Fall/ Winter 2010 - Dresser
Venexiana Fall/Winter 2010 – Dresser
Ports 1961 Spring/ Summer 2010 - Dresser
St Pucci Bridal Spring/ Summer 2010 - Dresser
JC Obando Spring/ Summer 2009 - Dresser
Telfar Spring/ Summer 2009 - Asst
Venexiana Spring/ Summer 2009 - Dresser
Telfar Fall/ Winter 2008 – PR Asst
Luca Luca Spring/ Summer 2009 - Dresser
Thom Browne Spring/ Summer 2009 – Dresser
Catherine Fulmer Fall/ Winter 2008 – PR Asst
Curves NYC (2008-20010) - Dresser
F-Train: A Journey in Style Spring/ Summer 2007- Stylist

Related Education:

Fashion Merchandising B.S.
Minor: Marketing
Philadelphia University
obtained - 2005